BYO or Licensed? Should I bring a bottle of wine? Where is the cooler bag?  Is a paper bag ok?

Sound familiar?

Numerous times these thoughts have gone through my head.  Wondering if it was appropriate to bring wine with a new group of people or wished I didn’t need to carry both a clutch and a wine bag ... and then forget to bring the wine bag home.

I needed a discreet clutch that also made me feel special carrying it, but practical too. There are hiking bags, baby bags, gym bags, I wanted a bag that would tick all my boxes as a going out bag! 

The BYO Clutch is a two in one, half handbag, half cooler bag. The bag is insulated on one side to carry a wine bottle or drink bottle, and the other half is a traditional handbag to carry phone, keys and money. No more turning up to dinner with a bottle in a paper bag and no more cooler bags left behind!

Nights out, long lunches, movies snack stash, bush walks, impromptu or planned picnics. The possibilities are endless.

We are so excited to share our clutches with you. We love them and hope you love them as much as we do!